Picnic tables and foldtables in comparison

Folding tables or marquee furniture hire for your event

Folding tables are tables with integrated benches that can be set up and taken down in just a few seconds.

They offer space for eight people and are ideal for events, festivals, catering and gastronomy. Foldtables are stable, barrier-free, space-saving and easy to transport.

In this article, you can find out more about the advantages of folding tables compared to beer tent sets or marquee sets. This will help you decide whether to hire beer tent sets or folding tables for your event.


 Picnic tablesFoldtables
AtmosphereUnadorned ambience, old-fashioned appearance, layout can easily become disorganised and untidyStylish ambience thanks to modern design and appealing colour scheme, everything stays in place
TransportUnwieldy and confusing transport racksPractical transport racks for efficient handling, easy transport
AssemblyAt least nine handles required, many individual parts to assemble, mechanism bends easily, material can splinter, risk of injury to helpers and guestsSet up in ten seconds in two easy steps, no tools, no risk of injury, ergonomic and simple assembly
StabilityRisk of tipping and wobbling not only on uneven terrain, can slip and be displaced, thus obstructing escape routesHigh stability on almost any surface, stable base, no wobbling, no slipping, panic-proof
Safety for guestsRisk of tipping over if people stand up or climb on it, resulting in a risk of injury
Prohibition of furniture at some events if not bolted to the floor
No risk of tipping over, no falling over, even with heavy loads
DismantlingMany handles, tables and benches are often
are often moved by the public, time-consuming gathering,
not theft-proof
Quick dismantling, easy-to-pack transport racks, virtually theft-proof
AccessibilityLittle seating comfort, little legroom, not barrier-free, not suitable for people in wheelchairsComfortable and safe access, high seating comfort, plenty of legroom, barrier-free, wheelchair-friendly
SustainabilityNot weather-resistant, spare parts difficult to obtain, therefore usually disposed of instead of repaired, base frame cannot be recycled, wood can weather, base frame can rust and bend, difficult to cleanWood from European forestry, maintenance-free, base frame recyclable, all spare parts available, sustainable, resource-saving, weatherproof, no rusting or weathering, easy to clean

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Foldtables are set up in just ten seconds

Once in place, Foldtables can be folded out and set up in just ten seconds without any tools thanks to an efficient and intelligent mechanism. Dismantling is just as quick.

This saves a lot of time and labour.

In contrast to beer tent sets! These consist of several individual parts that have to be assembled and dismantled in many steps

Foldtables create a feel-good atmosphere

Foldtables are not just simple seats. The elegant tables with integrated benches give every event a special ambience. Whether concerts, festivals, trade fairs, markets or sporting events - guests will appreciate the cosy seating for relaxing, eating, drinking and having fun.

The modern design and appealing colour scheme of the Foldtables create a feel-good atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors. Each Foldtable offers space for up to eight people. Foldtables impress guests with their quality, comfort and style.

Foldtables are easy to transport

Limes Logistik supplies folding tables in practical racks of 10 units each. The transport racks are unloaded and loaded at the event with the aid of a forklift truck and can be transported to the respective location.

Foldtables stand securely on any surface

The design of the Foldtables ensures a high level of stability. The two benches are connected to the table, so Foldtables are stable on almost any surface.

Unlike marquee sets, Foldtables stand securely even on paving stones, gravel, grass or sloping ground and do not fall over. With a weight of approx. 50 kilograms, Foldtables do not slip and remain firmly in place even in an emergency or panic situation.

Foldtables are very stable and, due to their design features, cannot be easily moved or taken away by guests, so they remain in place even after the event.

Foldtables cannot tip over and offer safety

Folding tables cannot tip over or slip, even under extreme or one-sided loads. Unlike marquee furniture, which can easily fall over or tip to the side in a party atmosphere, there is no risk of injury with folding tables. Even if guests sit right on the edge, lean far back or climb onto the benches, folding tables remain securely in place.

Folding tables can therefore be used more effectively than beer tent sets at events. At some events, unlike folding tables, beer tent sets even have to be firmly bolted to the floor for safety reasons.

Foldtables are easy to clean

The waterproof birch multiplex material makes Foldtables weatherproof. This means they cannot rust or weather.

Foldtables are also quick to clean. Even stubborn stains can be removed from the synthetic resin surface

Foldtables are comfortable and barrier-free

The fixed construction of the Foldtables allows comfortable and safe access as well as plenty of legroom. The seat height and seat width are optimised and offer your guests a high level of seating comfort.

Up to eight people can sit at each Foldtable set.

People in wheelchairs can also sit at the short sides of the table, as the frame is set far enough inwards. This allows wheelchair users to sit close to the table, which is not possible with marquee sets as their base frame is mounted right at the edge.
This ensures that an event is barrier-free.

Foldtables are sustainable and can be repaired

Foldtables are made of waterproof birch plywood from European forestry. The polyethylene base frame is moulded in one piece and maintenance-free.

The robust, durable and weather-resistant plastic guarantees high stability and strength and is also recyclable.

All individual parts of the Foldtables are available as spare parts so that the entire unit does not have to be thrown away if damaged, as is the case with beer tent sets. In this way, the Foldtables help to protect the environment and conserve resources.

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