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Mobile Infrastructure for events – Limes Logistik GmbH & Co. KG


Founded in 2004, Limes Logistik acts Europe-wide as a full-service provider of mobile infrastructure for the event sector.

Our range of services includes the renting of different ground protection systems, heavy duty panels for temporary access roads, as stage substructure, or for the protection of running tracks. Stage barriers, security gates, a variety of barriers and fences as well as all the compatible accessories like cable protection systems, mobile flagpoles and emergency signage are also part of our range of products. In addition we equip backstage areas with lounge furniture, Foldtables, and marquees.

We offer all our customers an optional consultation and a concept that is tailored to their ideas and their budget while also incorporating the respective safety regulations.

Turning your greenfield into a perfectly equipped event location

Before …
Before …

Project management, on-site surveys, feasibility studies, safety concepts, material consulting, plan development and the practical implementation of events are all part of our services. Our on-site supervisors ensure a smooth and timely workflow. Designated contact persons accompany every customer and his project from its very beginning.

We also offer an optional assembly and disassembly service that is being executed by our experienced personnel. 

… meanwhile …
… meanwhile …

In addition to its own extensive inventory, Limes Logistik uses a network of established partnerships with companies in the fields of marquee setup, power and water supply solutions, mobile room systems, floor-borne vehicles, booth construction, sanitary solutions and transport. This enables us to offer our customers a one stop source solution so that the customers don’t have to bother with a greater number of service suppliers and the successive negotiations and coordination. Bundling the services in that manner frees up time for our customers and is easier on their budgets.

Central location Ruhr Area

Limes Logistik is based in Witten in the Ruhr Area in western Germany. The storage facilities are located in Bochum in the same region and are constantly being expanded.

… and after.
… and after.

Since its foundation the company has permanently invested in its facilities, material and personnel. In 2012 we started to train apprentices and are particularly happy to give young people the opportunity to enter the event sector.

From the heart of Europe – reliable - flexible

Event organizers all across Europe know that the name Limes Logistik stands for a reliable execution and exact implementation of their project plans on the one hand and fast and flexible solutions to unforeseen incidents on the other.

Mobile infrastructure? Limes Logistik!

Limes Logistik GmbH & Co. KG is your reliable partner for all challenges. With a range of products and services that meets the demands of absolutely every event!

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